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    Whether you are stressed, pregnant, injured, or just need a little pampering, 7 Mile Island Massage can help restore you. Our personalised treatments help release tension and loosen stiffness while ensuring soothing relaxation from head to toe.

    Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep tissue massage focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is especially helpful for chronic aches and pains and contracted areas such as stiff neck and upper back, low back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders

    Injury Massage

    This therapeutic treatment is great for ailments such as: arthritis, muscle tears, ligament strains, post-traumatic injuries, and postural deviations. More than one treatment is recommended to obtain optimal results.

    Russian Sports Massage

    Based on Swedish massage techniques, Russian sports massage helps to relieve fatigued muscles but can also help to develop muscle mass and muscle tone. While this is the best treatment for an athlete, it can also be very relaxing and therapeutic for any body, no matter what physical condition you are in.

    Swedish Massage

    Great for relaxation, the Swedish massage technique employs long, connective strokes as well as kneading, friction, vibration, and percussion. These strokes, as well as variations in pressure, help to reduce physical and emotional stress.

    Trigger Point Massage

    This is one of the best types of massage to help with chronic pain and dysfunction such as: TMJ, sciatic pain, and carpal tunnel. It involves a sustained pressure in one specific problem area followed by rapid massage techniques with the goal of flushing out dead, stagnant tissue and oxygenating the tissues to facilitate the healing process.


    Through the application of pressure to specific points on the feet and hands, reflexology can target points which correspond to different organs of the body. By pressing or working on one of these points the corresponding organ is affected. 

    Cranial Sacral

    A gentle approach to deep relaxation. This light-touch, non-invasive therapy utilizes specific techniques to release restrictions and compressions in the cranial skeletal system. This is an excellent way to treat migraines, head, neck and pelvic pain, as well as chronic stress or emotional problems. Individuals who cannot receive massage therapy for medical reasons can safely receive cranial sacral therapy.

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