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    100% of 7 Mile Island Massage clients rate our services five stars.
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    7 Mile Island Massage makes it so easy to relax! Their massages are top-notch, and they are friendly, responsive, and arrive promptly (the fact that they come to you earns them a multitude of gold stars). I especially appreciate their willingness to follow your cues. If you want to engage in conversation, great, but if you want to just chill out and enjoy some silence or quiet music, they will let you.

    —Monika Jansen, Avalon, NJ

    Nik is a fantastic massage therapist. His comprehensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system is matched by his mastery of massage techniques. He is not only skillful in his application of a variety of massage techniques, but he is also adept at evaluating each client’s needs in order to provide a truly therapeutic experience for that individual. As a physician and a client of many years, I can attest to the fact that Nik truly has healing hands!

    —Amy Bleyer, MD, Avalon, NJ

    7 Mile Island Massage is fantastic! Nik is always so accommodating and easily schedules appointments to meet my schedule. I love the fact that he comes to my home. It makes the whole experience so relaxing. He always has great music prepared on his iPod and is an extremely skilled therapist. I suffer terrible headaches. Many times, he has come in the evening after I’ve been suffering all day. He knows exactly what to do to relieve the tension. If you’re looking for great massage therapists, you’ve found them with 7 Mile Island Massage!‎

    —Rebecca Pickens, Wildwood, NJ

    For fifteen years I have been receiving weekly massages from Nik during the summer months. As a bodyworker and practitioner, I believe that massage is a necessity rather than a luxury. After working out and challenging your body, you need to give it the time to repair itself. Massage is a key element in that process, and Nik is simply the best. His natural talent coupled with his experience and extensive training is a winning combination. You won’t regret making him part of your summer routine. Don’t you deserve it?

    —Marggi Vangeli, PMA-CT Pilates Teacher

    Nik is the best massage therapist I’ve ever experienced. He is curious as to where you hold your tension and knows the human body very well. You feel wonderfully relaxed and even energized when he’s finished. Nik is talented, mindful of his touch, and is a good listener. When you let him know that something is working and feels great, he stays with it. And if the pressure isn’t quite right, he seems to sense it and make the proper adjustments. He loves what he does and it shows through his work!

    —Katherine Swartz, Stone Harbor, NJ

    7 Mile Island Massage is awesome. I was having a pretty stressful day at work, and Nik came to my rescue. He set up shop right there in my office and managed to turn the ordinary work space into a serene and relaxing sanctuary. As for the massage, it was great. My aches and pains were soothed and I was left feeling quite refreshed. The man has magic hands!

    —Benji Davis, Ocean City, NJ

    Let me start this by saying that I have chronic pain due to a spinal fusion and have to live with pain daily. Up until a few months ago, I had little hope that any relief would be possible. After suffering through migraines for several weeks, my doctor suggested that I start massage therapy to relieve some of the tension and hopefully help with the migraines. Nik was professional from the outset and took the time to learn about my physical challenges and pain before setting a course of therapy. After two weeks, the migraines started to go away. After a month of weekly sessions, the migraines are gone for good (knock on wood). I get a weekly hour and a half massage and each week, Nik makes sure that he continues the progress that we have made in past areas and takes on a new challenge. I am now able to do more than merely exist and finally have some normalcy back in my life. While I will never be pain free, Nik has once again allowed me to be able to enjoy life.

    —Jerry McConway, Sea Isle City, NJ

    I’ve been under the healing hands of many massage practitioners and can say without reservation that Nik is the best.

    —Brian Antczak, Ocean City, NJ

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