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For over 17 years, 7 Mile Island Massage has been providing Cape May County residents and visitors with therapeutic massage in the comfort of their homes. We operate on an outcall basis providing a wide variety of massage and bodywork modalities to Ocean City, Sea Isle City, Avalon, Stone Harbor, Wildwood, Cape May and adjacent communities. Each session will be personalized to suit your specific needs.

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Loving Our Planet Together

Did you know that washing your clothes in cold water combined with line drying can save an estimated 400kg of C02 emissions a year (based on one person alone)? Here at 7 Mile Island Massage, we cold wash all our massage linens with USDA certified 97% biobased detergent which is not tested on animals, and—weather permitting—we 100% line dry in the Jersey sun. You support our small business, we support our environment.


Which is the right massage for you?

Alternating between a relaxing, nurturing touch and a mindful, firm touch, each treatment is customized to address any tissues, muscles, and ligaments distress you may be experiencing. Whether you are stressed, pregnant, injured, or just need a little pampering, our massage therapy can help restore you. Contact us at +1 (609) 425-1890 or 7mileislandmassage@gmail.com and let us help you choose the right massage for you.

Swedish Massage

Great for relaxation, the Swedish massage technique employs long, connective strokes as well as kneading, friction, vibration, and percussion. These strokes, as well as variations in pressure, help to reduce physical and emotional stress.

Russian Sports Massage

Based on Swedish massage techniques, Russian sports massage helps to relieve fatigued muscles and, but can also help to develop muscle mass and muscle tone. While this is the best treatment for an athlete, it can also be very relaxing and therapeutic for any body, no matter what physical condition you are in.

Trigger Point Massage

This is one of the best modalities to help with chronic pain and dysfunction such as: TMJ, sciatic pain, and carpal tunnel.  It involves a sustained pressure in one specific problem area followed by rapid massage techniques with the goal of flushing out dead, stagnant tissue and oxygenating the tissues to facilitate the healing process.

Deep Tissue Massage

By lengthening muscle tissue through the use of slow, deep strokes, deep tissue massage is the most effective modality for bringing the body back into alignment so it can function more efficiently.


A holistic method of health care involving pressure at specific points to balance the body’s energy, relieve pain and dysfunction, and promote general health. Excellent for a variety of problems, such as; PMS, headaches, and chronic pain.

Injury Massage

The overall goal is for the client to become pain free. The treatments are specified to certain muscle groups. This therapeutic modality is great for ailments such as: arthritis, muscle sprains and tears, ligament strains, post-traumatic injuries, and postural deviations. More than one treatment is recommended to obtain optimal results.

Cranial Sacral

A gentle approach to deep relaxation. This light-touch, non-invasive therapy utilizes specific techniques to release restrictions and compressions in the cranial skeletal system. This is an excellent way to treat migraines, head, neck and pelvic pain, as well as chronic stress or emotional problems. Individuals who cannot receive massage therapy for medical reasons can safely receive cranial sacral therapy.

*Prices are the same regardless of which or how many modalities are used. All massage modalities are offered in Ocean City, NJ, Sea Isle City, Avalon, NJ, Stone Harbor, Wildwood, and Cape May, NJ. Visit Promotions for more details on our pricing.

Prices and Promotions

Pamper yourself, pamper someone special, or indulge in a package and look forward to massages all season long…


  • Gift Certificates

    7 Mile Island Massage Gift Certificate
    Our gift certificates feature exclusive photography by Nikolas Pattantyus

    Available in any amount you choose, and we can deliver the certificate for you within Avalon or Stone Harbor. Contact us at +1 (609) 425-1890 or 7mileislandmassage@gmail.com to arrange a gift certificate for someone special.

    Massage Rates

    All our massages are priced by time so you never have to choose between the massages you really want based on price. Visit our Services page for more details about the types of massages we offer.

  • 30 minutes $100
    60 minutes $125
    90 minutes $175

    Massage Packages

    New! Massage packages are perfect for our clients who enjoy regular massages.

    Package of three 60-minute massages $330 (save $40)
    Package of six 60-minute massages $650 (save $100)
    Package of three 90-minute massages $485 (save $40)
    Package of six 90-minute massages $950 (save $100)
  • *Packages must be paid upfront and used by 12/31/17

Snowbird Special

From Thanksgiving until Easter, we are offering $10 off each 60-minute and 90-minute massage. Contact us at +1 (609) 425-1890 or 7mileislandmassage@gmail.com to book.

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We appreciate your understanding and co-operation of our 24 hour Cancellation Policy. If you have booked a treatment(s) and need to cancel or make any changes to your booking(s), you must notify us at least 24 hours in advance. Cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged at full value. For group bookings of three or more massages, a 50% nonrefundable deposit by credit card is required and cancellations must be made 72 hours in advance.