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Japanese Cabbage Omelette

· Eggs and Fish,Vegetarian

It's fun to say, but even better to eat.

This is an extremely simplified version of a Japanese snack-dish that's full of flavor, and good-for-you cabbage and eggs.

Is it a frittata? Is it a hashbrown? Is it a pancake?

It is delicious. AND it is one of the best one-pan dishes EVER.

In Japan, Okonomiyaki often has meat in it. My version is vegetarian, or pescatarian if you do add bonito flakes, which I love.


🥬 Lots of very thinly sliced cabbage. You'll want enough to fill your pan to 1/2 inch thick.

🥬 3-4 large eggs, depending how much cabbage you have.

🥬 Approximately 1 cup of panko crumbs to 3-4 large eggs.

🥬 Handful of sliced scallions.

🥬 Salt.

Mix all of the above. The mixture should bind, but not be wet.

Heat olive oil in a skillet.

Gently pour mixture into the hot oil, and turn down the heat.

You'll want to press the cabbage down a bit, so it gets an even brown crust.

After 4-5 minute, flip and cook 3-4 minutes on the other side.

Enjoy your Okonomiyaki hot!

You'll want to squeeze Kewpie mayo liberally over your Okonomiyaki. This is a must. Sprinkling with bonito flakes is optional. Hot sauce, BBQ sauce, or Worcestershire sauce could work too. Nori, if you have it, would be amazing here.


You can make your Okonomiyaki in small, reasonable discs (about a 1/4 cup scoop of batter each) or be crazy like me: I like to just fill my skillet with my batter and make it really difficult for myself to flip it LOL. Then I just slice into wedges like in this pic to serve.