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An Irish Vegetarian Dish

· Gluten-Free,Vegetarian

A true Irish dish to prove it’s not all Corned Beef and Guinness Stew in Ireland—though I ate plenty of both while living there. Colcannon is a humble 🇮🇪 mix of potatoes and cabbage. You’ll see some variation in the preparation around the country which means it’s perfect for adapting to what you have on hand. This dish is crazy comforting. I like to prepare it with browned butter which even dairy-free Nikolas 💚!

Four side dish servings

Authentic St Patrick's Day vegetarian dish

🍀 Small head of cabbage
🍀 Mashing potatoes (same amount as cabbage)
🍀 Milk
🍀 Butter
🍀 Scallions

Wash and shred cabbage. Sauté cabbage in a large pan with sliced white parts of scallions.

Boil potatoes and mash. Just a rustic mash will do. I like to use oat milk and olive oil for my mash, but you do you.
Brown your butter. We’re talking like 1/4 cup of butter, cooked till it’s all brown and nutty.

When your cabbage is soft and just a tiny bit brown, it’s ready. Fold with your mashed potatoes. Pile everything into a bowl and make a little well in the middle. Pour in that nutty brown butter and scatter with sliced green scallion bits. Yaaaaas! Serve warm.

In Ireland, you might swap out the cabbage for kale; stinging nettle was traditional! How about chives instead of scallions? You could also use buttermilk in your mash, and then this would be called Champ or Poundies in Ireland. It’s NOT traditional to brown the butter as I do but please please please try it once with the butter browned. It is soooo chef’s kiss! 😘👌