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Welcome to Basically Veganish

Globally-inspired recipes for loving vegetables.

Hi! This is Yvonne, Nik's wife.

I eat everything. Nik eats everything...except meat and dairy. Together, we eat 99% plant-based (with eggs and fish occasionally) and we’d love to share with you how simple and joyful it is to live this way.

There are many vegetarian and vegan accounts out there. What maybe makes this account different is that I'm still an omnivore (or a flexitarian), so our food doesn’t taste “vegetarian” if you know what I mean.

Secondly, we prefer creative cooking to recipe cooking because recipe cooking often requires a trip to the store. You may purchase something for one recipe and then it goes unused again for some time. I prefer to say to Nik, “Get what’s fresh and cheap at the store, and I’ll make it work.” I hope you'll get creative with these recipes and not stress over precise ingredients or measurements. Cooking should be as joyful as eating!

Finally, there are many incredible meat substitutes out there now, but I prefer to not use any because I eat plant-based for environmental reasons and so often those products come with tons of packaging. For the same reason, we don’t eat a lot of tofu in our home.

There are many reasons to reduce meat intake: compassion, environment, health...If you’re new to eating meatless, I hope you’ll find this account encouraging and inspiring. Bon appétit! from the kitchen of an omnivore married to a "veganish" pescatarian 👩🏻‍🤝‍👨🏼

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