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Quick Braised Cabbage

Rotkohl: A Germanic classic, updated

· Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten-Free

Nikolas hasn't gone shopping since 11 days ago. We had just come back from a trip to Canada, and our fridge was barren of any fresh produce. Flatten the curve was starting to gain momentum (with reluctance, where we live), so filling the fridge was the mission.

We got the greens we usually get: Romaine, spinach, broccoli... But instead of stockpiling 🧻, we stockpiled cabbage: one Napa, one green, and one red. We've found that cabbages can outlast just about anything in the fridge; they are incredibly good for you; and I happen to love eating it! It is surprisingly versatile: in a slaw of course, but it's also delicious roasted or sautéed. Longevity and versatility are key to my Quarantine Cabinet.

German Braised Cabbage

Braised red cabbage is a traditional German dish. If you've ever had Rouladen or Sauerbraten in 🇩🇪 you've likely also had Rotkohl. The dish has a decidedly autumn feel with its apples and cloves, but its tangy-sweetness is also comforting on rainy spring days.

I make my Rotkohl with Napa (aka Chinese cabbage). Firstly, Napa cooks very quickly (usually Braised Red Cabbage calls for 2 hours of simmering). Secondly, I like my Rotkohl to be colorful. And by using two types of cabbage, I think the texture is also improved. I've heard that Rotkohl tastes better the next day, but I've never had a chance to find out!

Makes two heaping servings


🍎 Small onion

🍎 Quarter of a Napa cabbage

🍎 Half a small red cabbage

🍎 One small apple, preferably tart (green)

🍎 2-3 tbsp Apple cider vinegar

🍎 1 tsp Maple syrup

🍎 Cloves

Slice Napa and red cabbage very thinly. Slice the onion thinly, but not quite as thin. Slice the apple into matchsticks (or just thin slices is fine too).

Sauté the onion in a neutral oil (or butter). When soft (5 min), add the Napa. When that's soft too (another 5+ min), add the red cabbage (around 10 min) and the apple.

Drizzle apple cider vinegar and maple syrup over. Salt to taste. Sprinkle with cloves. Stir and cover, and let simmer for five minutes.

Prost! 🍻 Braised super speed Braised Red Cabbage. Serve warm or cold.

No cloves? Allspice works.

No apple cider vinegar? Balsamic or red wine vinegar are fine substitutes.

Maple syrup isn't traditional either; it should be sugar, but I prefer maple syrup for its depth, and it seems so natural with apples.