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Healthy Cornbread

Less Fat, Better Flavor...and possibly VEGAN!

· Vegan,Vegetarian,Bake,Dairy-Free

The perfect sidekick to any grill party? Cornbread! This version is way healthier than regular cornbread AND it's loaded with flavor, thanks to nutritional yeast. It's tender, and moist, and comes together in a flash.

Is it Northern? Is it Southern? It's Vegan-ish. This recipe was designed for Nikolas, who doesn't touch cheese. So many online cornbread recipes are packed with cheddar...some even call for bacon or bacon drippings. Those are delicious, but in this recipe, corn is the star. 

This recipe will have far less saturated fat and salt than traditional cornbread recipes because zero cheese, and also I use olive oil (feel free to use melted butter or margerine). I've also replaced sugar with the more natural maple syrup. Adjust the sweetness and cayenne to your liking, and if you need to make it vegan, curdle your own plant-based milk* and use an egg replacement**.

I did write this recipe for Smart Seasoning. If you don't have this delicious superfood salt yet, use 2 TBSP nutritional yeast + 1½ TSP salt (or to taste).

STEP 1 - Combine Dry Ingredients

🌽 1 Cup all purpose flour

🌽 1 Cup cornmeal

🌽 2 TSP Smart Seasoning Yellow Blend 

🌽 ½ TSP baking powder

🌽 ½ TSP baking soda

🌽 ½ OR ¾ TSP cayenne

🌽 ½ TSP garlic OR onion powder

STEP 2 - Whisk Wet Ingredients Together

🌽 2 eggs

🌽 ¼ cup olive oil

🌽 1 cup buttermilk

🌽 2 TBSP maple syrup

STEP 3 - Get ready to bake

🌽 Preheat oven to 375°F

🌽 Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients

🌽  Add ⅔ cup of corn kernels (fresh or frozen)...and minced jalapeños if you like

🌽 Combine, and pour into a greased pan (cast iron skillet is perfect here!).

🌽 Bake for 25 minutes.

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Perfectly tender and crumbly

*to curdle plant-based milk, combine 1 cup of "milk" with 1½ TSP apple cider vinegar

** 2 TBSP golden flax meal = 2 eggs